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CHINAHEAVYTRANSPORTER Shipyard Transporter is mainly used for delivering ship block segment, ship-used machine and huge size equipment within the plant, which posed the characters of hydrostatic driving system, hydraulic suspension with 3 points or 4 points support, and smoothly lifting upward or downward functions. The steering system is independent, and it is driven by oil cylinder and is controlled by ECU, can realize transverse steering, central point rotation, diagonal drive in any angle and other steering model, the trailer moves maneuverability and flexible.
Shipyard Transporter provide exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces by utilizing advanced steering technology, carries out very sensitive and precise driving maneuvers by the huge platform in order to accurately position hull blocks in intended assembly areas.
The main parts and components equipped to Shipyard Transporter, such as suspension, axle, automatic control system, hydraulic system, are strictly selected and purchased from reliable oversea and domestic reliable brands of mature technology. For example, the automatic system adopts complete technology and parts of German Rexroth, avoids problems like bad compatibility caused by non-uniform of different parts and technology and reduces risk in R & D of new products and guarantees the stability and reliability of performance.

No. Item Brand Place of Origin
1 Engine DEUTZ Germany
2 Cooler AKG Germany
3 Drive variable pump Rexroth Germany
4 Drive variable motor Rexroth Germany
5 Reducer Rexroth        Germany
6 Lift/steering hydraulic pump Rexroth Germany
7 Steering valve HAWE Germany
8 Controller EPEC Finland
9 Coupling KTR Germany
10 Transfer box KTR Germany
11 Lift cylinder, seal With PARK seal China
12 Steering cylinder, seal With PARK seal China
13 Slewing bearing XREB(ThyssenKrupp and XCMG) China - Germany JV
14 Axle YUEK China



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